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Asecos UB-LINE Underbench Chemical Safety Cabinets adapt perfectly to user requirements and structural conditions thanks to numerous model variants of different widths, depths and heights, as well as hinged doors and/or drawers.


  • Complies with EN14470-1 Standard,
  • The TRGS510 has the UL/ULC and German GS stamp (resistance test).
  • 60cm., 90cm., 110cm., 140cm. width
  • 30 minutes (Type30) or 90 minutes (Tip90) fire resistant
  • Door safety mechanism is available
  • Fits perfectly under fume hoods
  • If you wish, Type90 base cabinet alternatives with cooler
  • Easily relocatable with optionally available sliding wheels
  • Extendable manufacturer’s warranty up to 10 years
  • Offers a wide range of accessories for different storage solutions
  • Certified Technical Service Support