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-Labmarker Chromatography Vials are packed in Cleanrooms and we guarantee this high hygienic standard. Additionally, tamper-proof evidence is given by the shrink-wrapping of the PP-box. Their cover enables reclose ability in order to avoid further contamination.

The zip-lock PE-bags with the tear-off foil strip for our seals with regard to tamper-proof evidence and reclose ability. Printed batch numbers on each zip-lock bag guarantee traceability.

LABMARKER is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.
Batch numbers guarantee a 100% traceability.
Pre-sealed and pre-installed combinations available on request.
Barcode labelling


Labmarker Headspace Vials can be used in accordance with devices of all conventional brands.

-Clear and amber alternatives

-Made from first quality hydrolytic glass

5ml. , 10ml. , 20ml. volume options available

-Round and flat bottom options are available

– Delivered with barcode label on request


Wide variety of caps suitable for vials (perforated, crimp cap, headspace cap, tear-off cap, fully tear-off cap, magnetic crimp cap, Bimetal caps, PP or PE cap)

Wide septa material; Butyl, Butyl/PTFE, Silicone/PTFE, Silicone/Aluminum foil, Viton, Natural Rubber/TEF

Headspace Vials and Caps Broshure