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Screw Neck Vials and Caps ( ND8)

-Standard vials and caps for GC and HPLC

-Wide range of Micro-Inserts.

-Vials and caps are also available as 2-in-1 KIT.




Short Thread Vials and Caps (ND9)

– Universal autosampler vials and caps

-Compatible with almost all autosamplers.

-An amber glass alternative is also available for the integrated Micro-Insert vials.

-Pre-screwed short thread vials are available

Standard vials and caps for GC and HPLC




Crimp Neck Vials and Caps (ND11)

-Clear and amber glass alternatives are available.

-Standard vials and caps for GC and HPLC

– Glass Micro-Insert is precisely centered on the plastic mold and adheres firmly to the septa thanks to its slightly overhanging edges.





Snap Ring Vials and Caps (ND11)

-This vial and cap system is recommended for HPLC applications only.

– It is universally compatible with almost all devices, including those with robotic processing.

-Wide opening allows easy filling with viscous materials





Screw neck Vials and Caps (ND13)

-The vials are packaged in resealable, tamper-proof PP-Boxes in a clean room.

-Barcode labeled available on request.

-Closed top screw gaskets are also available for storage purposes.


HPLC - GC Vials and Caps Brochure